About Me

Hey hey! I'm Lucas. I'm a developer, and you've made it all the way to my humble web home. Thanks for visiting. I hope you stay a while!

At my job at SelectQuote, where we follow the Spotify model, I started using our frontend chapter meetings (think "brown bag" or "knowledge transfer") as a vehicle to learn by teaching. It's been a boon for myself and others involved, but I want to do more, and learn in public. How about the open web, then?

Things here fall into two buckets — blogs and notes — the former being more fully formed thoughts, and the latter more loose references, or maybe a digital garden, if you will? Perhaps more of a, erm, digital compost pile (dibs!). My hope is the notes pile up, break down (have I lost you yet?), and over time turn into more fully formed blog posts.

Outside of extending tenuous metaphors, I love to spend time outdoors, hiking and trail running. I'm also an avid cook, and love exploring the embarrassment of riches that is California's food and wine scene. A native Midwesterner, I'm originally from Kansas City, and hold undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Kansas.

After several years working in litigation, I switched gears to software, completing the Launchcode LC101 andApprenticeship programs. Whether it's music, statutes, or code, it's all language and patterns to me. Among other reasons, I especially love software because I get that perfect mix of creativity and analysis.

Want to chat? Don't be a stranger. Tweet at me or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.